Heading South For The Winter in Texas

You don’t have to live in the far North East to want to head south for the Winter. There are thousands of RVers in North Texas who do just that every year and still stay in Texas! With destination cities located in central and south central Texas, such as Austin and San Antonio, on over to Houston and down along the coast, Texans headed south for the winter every year and have a multitude of places to visit so they can bask in the warm sun of a Southern Texas winter.

The ultimate Texas winter RV vacation is without question a Gulf Coast trip. Even thought the water may be a little cooler, the weather is wonderful and the fishing is amazing.

I love a good trip along the Gulf Coast.

Click on the picture below for a link to Texas Parks & Wildlife’s list of things to see and do along the Gulf Coast. It has some really good suggestions on the place that are “must stop” type locations.


Do you live in North Texas and have a favorite South Texas destination you like to visit during the winter? Share it with us! Are you an RVer in another state and never considered the Texas Southern Coast as a vacation spot? I highly recommend that you just take a few minutes and click on the link above to find out a little more about why I think why Texas has some really unique and interesting winter vacation destination locations.