Have You Heard Of Workamping?

Photo Courtesy of TheCampingCentral.com

It’s a dream for most RVers. Giving up everything we own, except our RVs, and living out on the road. No house payments, less bills, no house to keep clean, having the ability to change scenery with the drop of a hat, all of these sound like a perfect opportunity for us to change it up a little bit. Well, if you’ve made the decision to become a full-time RVer, then you’ve got to make money somehow. That’s where workamping comes into play. Workamping is having a job with an RV campground or resort, where part of their compensation includes a campsite to park your RV for free!

There are plenty of people who live out of their RVs and make a living working for campgrounds, casinos and retail stores. Best of all, they support your lifestyle of being on the road and traveling from city to city. Some are long-term commitments, some are just a couple of weeks. If you’re a maintenance man (or woman), you can surely be hired by one of the many RV campgrounds in need of a handyman to keep things running smoothly.

For example, in Mission, Texas, they are looking for an individual or a couple to do landscaping, light carpentry, repairs, and lawn care for the exchange of a free campground site. For just 10 hours a week, you could save the money it takes to reserve your campsite. Some campgrounds will even pay you an hourly rate to go with the free campground. So not only are you getting free rent, but you’ll be making some money on top of that too! If you’re seriously thinking about quitting that office job and heading out in your RV, definitely keep Workamper.com and WorkampingJobs.com in your bookmarks so you can see where you can travel to and save yourself the money in exchange for a few hours of work. It’s worth it, especially when some of the higher-end RV parks charge anywhere from $75-$100 per night.

Do you know of anyone who has workamped?

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