Getting Your RV Ready For Your First Christmas

There’s nothing quite like spending the holidays on the road in your RV, especially when it’s your first! There’s something to be said when you can spend your holidays away from home in “your Home Away From Home“. If you are a seasoned RVer, you understand that the holiday season can be some of the best times to travel. When you RV, you are never really away from home. Sure, you may live on an acre of land and own a 2,400 sq. ft. home, but for many RVers across the country, spending the holidays visiting family, or just traveling in their RV is just as nice (if not better) than staying at home for the season.

That being said, if this is your first RV and you are considering spending the holidays in it, you may feel a little apprehensive that the holidays won’t feel the same…don’t! You can decorate and jazz up your RV according to the holiday season with a small tree and decorations galore. Even just a little bit of decoration can really bring the spirit of the season into your RV. Take a look at this simple set up and tell me it doesn’t look just like home.

See just a little bit of decoration and you are ready for an RV Christmas.

Of course, that’s not all you can do! If you plan on spending time at the RV park, there’s even more way to bring in the holiday cheer. Why not decorate the outside of your RV just like you would your home? Not only will you feel more at home, but all of the other RVers you are sharing the park with will too. Trust me, you won’t be the only one with outside decorations up.

Your consignment RV store, PPL Motorhomes loves this time of year and we stock lights for all types of occasions and times of year, Check out some of the decorations we have to offer. Of course, if you are like us, you probably already have strings and strings of holiday lighting and decorations. Of course, space is limited in your RV or camper, so plan accordingly, but don’t let that stop you from experiencing your first Christmas in your first RV…you’ll never forget it.