revo-leveler-hooded-white-bkgndOK, this could quite possibly be one of the most boring topics I could possibly write about, yet is a topic I hear the most grumbling about: leveling your trailer.

Now, while getting your trailer level certainly isn’t rocket science, it can cause some headaches and probably a few less than family friendly words to exit your mouth as you try AGAIN to level your jacks.

Enter the ReVo Trailer Leveler.  This handy device for your RV is not only simple to use, but it’s also a fantastic time-saver and headache remedy.

  • Easy set-up. No need for the trailer to be level to install.
  • Works regardless of the terrain.
  • Mounting bracket (nest) installed with outdoor permanent tape.
  • No drilling required.
  • Protective pouch included for storage of unit when not in use.
  • 12 vdc charger and cable is included, stored inside Revo Leveler

The ReVo Leveler takes the guesswork out of leveling travel trailers and fifth wheels. The leveler itself is mounted on either side of your RV using a simple adhesive mounting bracket. When operating, the leveler will indicate the amount of blocking under the wheels in tenths of inches to level the trailer side to side. That’s right, I said “in tenths of inches”. As we all know, even being off a half an inch from level can cause things to roll off of counters and table tops. So, you can see how the ReVo Leveler’s range of measurement really takes out the usual guessing that goes into leveling your RV.

Did I mention how easy it is to use? Really easy. The indication arrows are large and can be seen in the rear view mirror of  your tow vehicle. Just drive up on the blocks and it will show when level is reached. Even better, when you disconnect , the height is stored before unhooking and will restore height when it’s time to hook up again. Once unhooked, the ReVo Leveler will indicate when front to back level is reached.

That’s serious stress-free leveling every time. Check out the ReVo Leveling Device here.


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