Fly Your Flags With Ease Over Your RV

If you’ve been following my blog, you know how much I love to fly the Red, White and Blue! One of the very first things I do when we pull into our campsite, or RV park is raise “Old Glory” and love it when I see other RVers doing the same! Well, if you even half as patriotic as I am, and love flying your colors, you are going to love the flagpole buddy kit!

For as much as we like raising our flag on our RV, it can sometimes be kind of a difficult task. Well, with The Flag Pole Buddy, raising your flags has never been simpler. No more climbing the ladder again. The angled holder of The Flag Pole Buddy allows you to easily and securely insert your flag pole from the ground. I can’t tell you how many RVers absolutely love being able to do this!

This really is an ingenious device. It makes it so much easier and safer to raise your flag and with Memorial Day coming up, you are certainly going to want to take a look at picking up your own Flag Pole Buddy at PPL Motorhomes.

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