Do It Yourself Cajun Shrimp For Picky Eaters

Ok, if your family is anything like RV Nana’s, then you have a few picky eaters in your group.  I love to cook and prepare meals, but sometimes some of the ingredients don’t necessarily match the refined palettes of my wonderful family. I have come up with a solution to a recipe that I love all of the ingredients in, but not so much the fam. I call it “Cajun Shrimp For Picky Eaters”. These foil packets are so easy to prepare and everyone can stuff their own packet for the fire.  I love to prepare camp dinners before I leave home and this one is no exception.  I simply use lots of zip loc bags and a little prep at home means a little more time on the trail or adventure.  This recipe is based on 4 servings, but you can expand as needed, based on the number of campers. Prepare all of the items below in individual bags.

                2-3 ears of corn on the cob (break each ear into quarters)

                4-6 Red Potatoes – no need to peel, just wash and cube

                1 pound Shrimp – Uncooked and peeled

                1 pound smoked sausage

                1 Onion – cut into large chunks

                1 bell pepper – sliced

                12 mushrooms – halved

Additional seasoning

                1 can chicken broth

                1 stick butter

                Cajun seasoning

                Salt & pepper, to taste

Give every family member their own large sheet of heavy duty foil and ask them to add their favorite ingredients.  Drizzle melted butter and about 2 tablespoons of chicken broth in each packet.  Add cajun seasoning and salt & pepper to taste.  Fold the packets making sure to close all side securely. 

You can put these in a 350 degree oven to bake or do it my favorite way on the frill or in some hot coals at the campsite.  Cooks in about 25 minutes.  Enjoy!!

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