Consignment RVs Houston, Can You Take A Shower In Your RV While It’s Moving

At your consignment RV center in Houston, PPL Motorhomes, we get questions all of the time from new and veteran RVers alike that we are happy to address and answer. Of all the question we have received over the years, one is essentially: Is it okay to use the toilet with the RV is in transit?

The Short answer is: Yes (as long as you aren’t the driver), it is okay to shower while the RV is moving down the road. However, there are a few things you should know first.

First and foremost, be careful when you are moving around in a RV that is in motion. It doesn’t take much to lose your balance and fall. You are increasing your chances for injury the more you move around.

Second, it’s going to take a little preparation on your part. Is your fresh water holding tank full? If not, you could have a very short shower and hitting up that roadside diner with a hair full of conditioner might not be your idea of a fun meal.

Third, you’d better make sure that your grey water holding tank is empty. If it isn’t and starts to overflow, you are going to have a shower full of dirty sink and previous shower water.  (Kind of defeats the purpose of taking a shower in the first place.) Be sure to  drain your grey water tank before you leave your campsite.

Fourth, if taking a warm shower is important, then you are going to have to prep for that and that depends entirely on how your water heater functions and if you have a choice for that function. Are you going to heat your water using 120 volt electric? Then you’ll have to leave the RV’s generator running. If you are heating it using propane, you are literally playing with fire. In the event of an accident, having an open flame going around a fuel source of any kind isn’t a good idea. You might almost be better off just taking a cold shower.

Again, I want to stress the importance of safety here. It’s really a much better idea to just wait until you are locked and loaded into your campsite before trying to shower in a moving RV. I think safety far out weighs how stinky you may be at the moment. Walking in a moving RV is hard enough as it is…standing in a slippery shower? You must really be dirty if you are going to try to do that.  You are better off to just wait.

If you have anymore questions about RVing or the RV lifestyle, don’t hesitate to leave us a commend below or call your Houston RV consignment Center, PPL Motorhomes and ask us!