Consigning Your RV, Check To See If You Have Mice First

The Rodent. Dirty and destructive. You do not want to have an infestation, or incur rodent damage if you are thinking of consigning your RV. Mice can be very destructive – chewing through wires, cables, wood, fiberglass, plastic. Anything they can get their mouths on, they’ll eat and that includes your food supply.

Suspect you have mice in your Consignment RV? Lay some traps and call an exterminator. You may need to service any damage that has been done, as this can affect the value of your Houston consignment RV.



If you notice any signs that you have unwanted guests, don’t wait for the problem to multiply. I mean that literally,. Mouse gestation period is very short and the pups can become actively destructive in just a couple of months. Once you have the beginnings of a colony….you can only guess where it goes from here. Once they exhaust their meager food supply, they’ll start coming after yours. Cereal and mac n’ cheese boxes are prime targets. You need to act fast. Call an exterminator.

If you have any questions of comments about how to get rid of rodents, or want to check any of the great RV products and supplies we carry, just swing on into PPL Motorhomes.