Cold Weather RVing

Here are a few of my words of wisdom…mostly learned from my own mistakes.  If you’re staying in your RV during cold weather, here are a few things to consider.

  • Make sure you have full LP tanks
  • Do not use space heaters and DO NOT use a portable gas heater inside the RV.
  • Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.  Make sure all your heater vents are not blocked by bedding, storage containers or stuff.
  • Make sure your LP/Carbon monoxide sensors are working. 
  • Use RV antifreeze in your system to help protect any water that may be in the holding tanks and lines. 
  • You will hate it when I say this, but it is a good idea to let a faucet drip a little.
  • Leave your kitchen and bathroom cabinets open so the heat can get to the location of the pipes
  • Make sure you have plenty of food and water
  • Keep a few gallons of bottled water in the RV for coffee, brushing your teeth or drinking water in case your pipes coming into the RV get frozen
  • Electric heated hoses are great
  • Wrap the water inlet and water hose to help prevent from freezing.
  • Be careful on RV steps entering and exiting the RV when it’s icy outside.
  • Grab some extra movies, popcorn and/or a couple good books, snuggle up and be safe and stay warm. 

If your RV is in storage, even inside a storage building, you should winterize the unit.  No one wants a surprise sprinkler in the wall of their RV or under the sink when they get ready t o use it in the spring.   

You may want to go back and listen to The RV Show USA Facebook live I did on the show Wednesday night.  My segment started about 20 minutes into the show and I talk about being safe and staying warm. 

Call if you need anything.  We do have another load of RV antifreeze coming in today! 

Stay warm,

RV Nana