Do you know the Importance of an RV Cover

Owning an RV has many benefits.  Though an uphill battle, keeping your RV in great condition is of the upmost importance.  With most people not having the capacity to maintain their RV indoors, maintaining the outside can be difficult. Rain, snow, changing temperatures, sunlight, and falling debris such as acorns and bird droppings can really take its toll on the exterior of the RV. Luckily you can find an array of RV covers around to aid protect against such damage.

If you intend to store your RV for a long time, the best option is to buy a custom fitted cover. When selecting the cover for your RV, it is important to take the measurements of the RV from one end to the other, while ensuring that you provide an allowance for the 5th wheel, bumpers, ladders and propane tanks attached to the vehicle. If you have to choose between two RV covers which near the size of your RV, select the larger cover. This is because it is better to have an over-sized cover than a small one which you have to stretch over the RV. Stretching the RV cover is likely to lead to damage due to stress.

When shopping for an RV cover, you should look for one which is able to block sun damage, is water resistant, and fits well onto your unit. Some RV covers are quite functional even when the RV is in use, and are thus able to protect your unit even while you are out in the park. Always remember to remove your cover before driving off in your RV. There are also covers available for your RV tires. These slip over the tires when not in use and are able to protect the tire rubber against damage when in storage.

Always keep a patch kit for your RV cover in the event that you get tears or rips. Taking some time to patch up your RV cover while on the road is much more cost effective than having to buy a brand new cover. For this reason, you should ensure that you conduct regular inspections of your RV covers to check that they are in tip top shape. Be sure to replace any cover which has lost its overall integrity and can no longer withstand the vagaries of harsh weather.


With all the external forces facing your RVs facade, a cover could be the difference between a clean coat and a dinged door.  Unlike a tarp, they are made to keep water off and allow the right amount of air flow.  I found a great article on what to look for in RV covers from rvwheelcovers.org.
I would urge all RV owners to consider buying an ideal cover to guard your investment, especially if it stays outdoors for long periods of time.  If you use a cover, let me know in the comments what you think.




  1. John Bowden

    I live a rural area of Southern Ontario not far from Toronto. We get some wicked winter winds coming across the open fields. My travel trailer is stored beside my garage outside. Several years ago I thought I would try covering my Fleetwood Prowler travel trailer. I used a good quality tarp (not a fitted cover). I’ll never do that again! The wind was constantly moving the tarp which caused several “ugly spots” where the paint was scuffed or completed rubbed off. In early 2010 I purchased a 2010 Keystone Laredo 297RL. This trailer is parked in the same spot beside the garage. I’d like to cover it but haven’t for two reasons. I’m afraid that even if I use a good quality fitted cover the same thing will happen to this trailer and the second reason is that “these fitted covers are very expensive!
    Thanks, John (Binbrook, Ontario, Canada)

  2. Laura

    Does anyone have any experiences with fitted rv covers and critters get in and ruin your rv?

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