The Two Most Important Things For Your RV

What are the two most important things on this planet? Food and water? No, it’s not food and water, it’s Duct Tape and WD40 lubricant. That’s right, Duct Tape!  As an adhesive it is absolutely, the single most reliable, “I’m totally out of options and I’m gonna’ MacGuyver it, problem solver. Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time my husband’s suggestion for fixin’ stuff is, “Just duct tape it.”, we wouldn’t be in a fifth-wheel, we’d be in a Prevost Motorhome!

This lady feels the same as we do about duct tape: It apparently keeps the chickens out of the kitchen and makes great playpens too.


Now, why WD40? Apart from being the industry standard lubricant (as well as having over 2,000 other uses) one of the most interesting uses that I heard may be that it’s a great way to keep wasps away from your hitch and save your hands, too! That’s right, it can keep them away and if you happen to get stung, I’ve even heard that a little spray of WD40 takes the fire out of a wasp sting. Hope I never have to find out if this really works.

Check all of these uses of wd40 in the video below. I’m sure you’ll find a few in there you can apply to your consignment RV as well.