Storage, Space and Too Much “Stuff”


RV Nana 2

Storage, space and too much “stuff”…

When I bought the Winnebago View I was so excited to have so much living area.  So much more an I had in the Roadtrek.  The big day came and I began the shuffle of stuff  from one RV to the other.  Surprisingly, there was very little that I decided to eliminate in the new RV.  Going from a 42′ 5th wheel to the Roadtrek  a few years ago meant major Downsizing at the time and I have grown accustomed to “less is more.”.  I was  originally the one who had everything we could ever want or need along with enough for all the neighbors.  I packed like I was going to a third world country Where there would be no stores along the way.

The Roadtrek design is the most compact in the industry…every nook and cranny had a storage place.  I was amazed at how prepared I could be in that RV.  As I started loading the View I experienced a bit of panic.  Where was I going to put everything  and how would I arrange it?  I spent the first evening of ownership in the RV until about 2 am arranging and rearranging.  I’m sure any neighbors who were in town, thought I was a but crazy.

From those first few hours, I discovered some good storage ideas I want to share with all of you.

Cutlery storage.  I bought one of the stacking cutlery organizers and it works great.  Everyday needs stored on top and the back up items in the lower compartment.

Foldable storage containers.  The overhead cabinets in the kitchen area were too big and too little.  I could not figure a good way to store glassware, storage containers and stuff.  I found the foldable storage bins made the perfect storage.  Compact and organized and there was little rattle when driving.

Closet organization.  In the Roadtrek I had no closet and now I had one.  It was large, open and I had no idea how to organize this space.  I bought one of the expandable sweater storage hangers, had to cut it off to fit and then ” voila” I created the equivalent storage to a chest of drawers.  I hung a fabric shoe storage in the back wall of the closet and suddenly had a perfect place to organize everything from gloves to pajamas, all easily accessible in full view.

Command strips are the best thing ever.  Of course, I had to hang all of my stuff up, but I refuse to ever use a nail in the paneling. I have seen too many RVs come in to PPL for sale and they had holes everywhere in the paneling?  I love the command strips.  They really work.  Make sure the weight allowance is correct for what you are hanging up.  I use them for everything from keys to hats and art.  They are great.  I also use the command strips on the countertop to secure the coffee pot and some small art items. No sliding”

Teachers putty.  This is that sticky putty teachers use to stick things up in the classroom.  It works great to secure items on a shelf or countertop.

Ziplock bags.  I have every size you could think of and use all of them.  From organizing a junk drawer to keeping medicines and first aid items straight, they are the best.

I know all of you have great storage tips and tricks.  Please share them with me.  I look forward to hearing from you.