Is your RV ready for Spring? It’s always a good idea to have some basic Spring maintenance performed before you actually hit the road. There’s nothing worse than being miles away from home and finding out the you have a leak in your roof, or hooking up and having very little pressure in your plumbing system. You can really avoid a lot of potential nightmares if you do a little planning ahead and have your RV brought in for a quick multi-point inspection and some Spring maintenance. This is especially true if you use your RV heavily through the year, or it lives in the elements all year long without cover.

So, what should you expect from a multi-point RV inspection from a service center like PPL Motorhomes? They should check your LP system connection fittings, regulator and hoses. We’d make sure everything is in good order and there are no leaks, or hose defects.

Next we’d check the plumbing system. A thorough visual test can usually reveal a lot about the condition of your system. We’d also do a pressure test, so you don’t run into any issues when you get to your destination and hook up. Poor pressure will really make your trip one you may NOT want to remember.

Having your electrical system checked is also really important. We’d take a look at and test you 12v and 110v system to ensure that they are functioning properly. We can do a polarity test, a converter output test and battery condition test. All of which, if left unchecked could leave you stranded or even be a hazard. Electricity isn’t something to mess around with in your RV.

When was the last time you were up on your RV’s roof? For many of RVers the answer is probably, “never”.  Inspecting your roof is a no-brainer, but can be a daunting task and a dangerous one if you aren’t that nimble. We’d inspect the roof inspection for leaks, overall condition and recommend any sealants that may be needed to bring your RV’s roof back up to standard.

What’s the saying, “You’ve got a lot riding on your tires”? Well that’s certainly the truth! When you get any Spring maintenance, or a multi-point Spring inspection done, tires are one of the first thing he checks. I wish rubber was indestructible, but the reality is that the tires on your rig take a lot of abuse. In ture, they are going to eventually show wear, splits and cracks. PPL Motorhomes will check for things like that. You certainly don’t want to hit the road with four bald tires. It might be the last trip you’ll be taking in a while.

Finally, we’ll take a look at the over all picture. What does the exterior of your RV look like, whether it is brand new or a  consignment RV you bought from us, over time gaps can form in the body, or between the side walls. You certainly don’t want any on your rig. The repairs are easy enough, but the cost for repairing water damage that is likely to occur on the interior is certainly going to cost a lot more.

If you are planning a trip, plan on doing a little Spring maintenance first. A little maintenance now will go a long way, trust me. Let PPL Motorhomes worry about the details and you can worry about having fun on your vacation.

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