RV to that Vermont Place


Ketzirah Lesser & Art Drauglis/Flickr Creative Commons

As a Texan, there are just some states you don’t hear about much down here. Vermont is one of those. Nothing against you Vermonters, but we could fit your entire state onto I-35 between Austin and Dallas, and you guys are a looong way away. BUT, it is summertime and folks head north to chase that cooler weather, so I thought today we could talk about heading up to Vermont, and some of the things you can see and do there.

Prior to doing some research on this article, the only thing I really knew about Vermont was that Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream is from up thataway. Here are a few more completely AWESOME things I found out about Vermont:

  • 80% of the state is covered in forest
  • there are no billboards on the highways, and that is state law
  • it looks and feels like a Norman Rockwell painting

If that isn’t enough to make you want to head up north, their average high during July is only 81! Lakes, streams, hiking, biking, hills, mountains, and all of it at a reasonable temperature…sign me up.

If you’re an interstate highway user, you can traverse the entire state on the east side on Interstate 91, or east to west on Interstate 89. The Green Mountains run through the middle of the state on a north/south line. However, most roads are the smaller state highways which are not traffic heavy and occasionally blocked by cattle moving from pasture to pasture. Life seem to moves slower there, the way it used to down here before hustle and bustle became our reality.

If skiing is your thing, head to Stowe. This tiny little town seems to be the epicenter of the skiing world in Vermont, so in summertime you can ride the ski lifts up to the top for incredible views, and alpine style hiking. If you like nature, and green things, and fall-like temps…head to Vermont!


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