RV North Dakota!


Lindsey G/Flickr Creative Commons

North Dakota has one of the lowest population densities in the continental United States. According to Wikipedia (which is never ever wrong) North Dakota sits at  #47 out of the 50 states with just Montana, Wyoming, and Alaska having a lower number of folks per square mile. Being sort of out-of-the-way contributes I reckon because North Dakota is right up there slightly to the left of middle on the Canadian border. I-94 runs east/west from Fargo on the east side towards Miles City Montana on the west side…and I-29 runs north/south through Fargo paralleling the eastern border up towards Winnepeg in Canada.

BUT, isolation aside, there is plenty to see and do in North Dakota. Teddy Roosevelt National Park is a glorious natural wonderland where the bison still roam. The park is separated into two entities, north and south, and as a matter of fact, Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch is located right between them. The southern park is the busier of the two, so if getting away is your thing head to the northern unit.

Over in Williston, ND you will find the Fort Union Trading Post which is a National HIstoric Site. Fort Union is a reconstructed outpost on the North Dakota/Montana border right on the Missouri River. I believe it was one of the first ever registered National Historic Landmarks because of it’s role in the fur trade from the early years of America’s westward expansion in the late 1820’s all the way to the end of the 1860’s. Today it hosts historical reenactments, Archaeological exploration, and is a wealth of information about the trade between settlers and Indians tribes.

If you’re traveling with kids and dinos are their thing, then stop in at the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismark. There are plenty of dinosaur fossils put together in full displays to make the dino lover in your kids or grandkids mighty happy! And remember before you hit that trail for that far off land, hit us up at the website for all your parts and accessories!


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