Photos by Diana Leblanc



Everyone knows that RV Nana is a native Houstonian with deep Texas roots.  You also know that I think Texas has more travel opportunities than most States and more places with majestic beauty that will simply take your breath away.  I love traveling outside Texas to see the sites, but I always return glad to be at home again.  I just got back from a few days in the Portland, Oregon area where I saw some of the most beautiful countryside ever.





I know you are probably thinking that it rains all the time in the Pacific Northwest and it couldn’t have been that great in late March, but it was.  Of course, I took credit for the sunshine that popped out the day I arrived (after 3 weeks of rain in that area).  I told everyone that I brought it with me from Texas and I guess that may have been the case because it started raining the day I left which made me think I was taking it right back home with me.

Photo by; Diana Leblanc

When I left Houston it was 84 degrees with 90% humidity, a big difference from the cool morning air along the Columbia River Gorge.  There are more than 90 beautiful waterfalls along this Historic Oregon Route, all fed by snowmelt, glaciers and the winter rains in the area.  My favorite was Multnomah Falls, the tallest waterfall in Oregon, with  breathtaking views of the falls on every turn in the path.  I had more photo ops than I ever imagined.  It was easy to spend the day wandering the trails and sightseeing in the area.


Touring the waterfalls was a great start on this trip and I never imagined that the rest of the days there could even compare to these sights.  We all know that I love to visit wineries and I found one that is, by far, my favorite in the Pacific Northwest.  Bethany Vineyard is located in Ridgefield, Washington and is, by far, one of the most picturesque and resort like wineries I have ever visited…and the wine is wonderful.  It’s a real treat if you happen to visit with the owner, Walt, who has a real passion for wine making and a wonderful personality.



The surprise attraction was an impromptu visit to a Tulip festival.  I had no idea that tulip growing is a big business in that area.  They had fields of tulips, all sizes, shapes and varieties where you could pick your own bouquet.  What a treat.

If you have not visited this area, you need to make plans and visit soon.   The landscape is breathtaking and the people were all so friendly.  Of course, they kept saying I have a funny Texas accent and I thought I was the one who sounded normal.  Oh well, what is normal anyway???


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