PPL Motorhomes: RVs and Tornadoes

I can’t think of a worse combination. PPL Motorhomes has heard many stories of near misses and direct hits. Yesterday was a pretty harrowing day up in North Texas, they had multiple tornadoes rip through the area leaving massive amounts of damage in their wake. Check out the video below:


Those were 50 foot trailers that were being hurled in the air like paper. Imagine if you would have been in your RV at that moment, at that spot. It’s sad to say, but even your giant RV has no chance when combating such a violent storm. I haven’t even mentioned the giant hail these things can produce. Hail so large that it will tear through the skin of your RV with ease.

Living in Texas, we all know that storms can pop-up without warning. Severe atmospheric disturbances happen suddenly and seemingly, from no where. What would you do if you saw one of these coming your way? Out run it? Park under a bridge? Get out of your RV and take shelter under the girders of a bridge? “No” to all of the above. Unfortunately there are just a few things you can do.

From weather.com

  • Do not drive during tornado conditions.
  • Never try to out-drive a tornado in a vehicle. Tornadoes can change direction quickly and can lift a car or truck and toss it through the air.
  • Get out of your vehicle immediately and seek shelter in a nearby building.
  • If there is no time to get indoors, or if there is no nearby shelter, get out of the car and lie in a ditch or a low-lying area away from the vehicle. Be aware of the potential for flooding.

The bottom line is that you are at the mercy of the storm. The only precautions you can take are the one’s mentioned above, but your best bet is to get indoors immediately. If you know that there is a potential for violent storms, delay your trip or departure. Seek shelter and wait until the weather has cleared.

Let me warn you again, that your motorhome, travel trailer or fifth-wheel is no match for the awesome power generated by a thunderstorm that is producing funnel clouds.

After watching that video and hearing all of the past  stories for local customers, family and friends, this storm could have been much more deadly. PPL Motorhomes is thankful that, as of now, no one was killed. Remember, storms like these can pop up without warning in Texas. It’s storm season. Drive safely and err on the side of caution, always.