PPL Motor Homes: My Home Away From Home

What an exciting time for our PPL family!  PPL Motor Homes, my home away from home, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this week with a huge RV sale, great seminars for the RV enthusiast, door prizes and fun for all.  As most of you know, I’ve been with PPL since 1980 and have watched it grow from the an office with only 2 employees (and our only electronic office equipment was a typewriter without a correcting key) to becoming the largest RV consignment center in the USA, with a selection of over 450 consigned RVs at our Houston location and over 90 employees.  In addition, we have almost 100 RVs at our recently opened RV Consignment center in New Braunfels, Texas, making it convenient for our South Central Texas customers to stop by.

Many of our team members have been with me well over 15 years and have often teased me that I should have written a book called “Days of PPL” to capture all the fun, interesting and sometimes weird things that I have seen in the last 32 years.  It would have probably been a great soap opera.  We love our customers and have had a wonderful time with them through the years sharing stories, ideas, travel adventures, helpful hints and more!

This is an exciting time at PPL and I am so glad that I am a part of this great team!  We would love it if you would celebrate our 40th anniversary with us by sharing your memory of PPL Motor Homes!