New Year’s Resolutions


Klesta ▲/Flickr Creative Commons

Can you believe it’s already 2017? This is the time of year when we all try to come up with ways to better ourselves (going to the gym, eating healthy), but I thought I’d take this opportunity to give you some ideas for new year’s resolutions regarding your RV!

1. Clean it out!

Keeping your RV clean from head to toe is a real time saver when you’re on the road. Starting out with a dirty RV mean you have to spend untold hours cleaning and scrubbing when you should be enjoying it with your family. It also keeps dust from collecting and aggravating allergies. No one wants to go on vacation and have allergy problems. Keeping your kitchen clean stops the spread of germs and especially those nasty, gross smells that you can never figure out where they are coming from.

2. Take it somewhere new!

You know that winery tour you’ve been wanting to go on for the last couple of years, but you just weren’t sure how to do it? Now’s the best time to sit down and map out the RV parks and wineries that you want to visit! If you don’t take the time to figure the logistics, then you’ll keep going to the same RV parks and driving down the same roads. Get out of your comfort zone! Being an RV owner means you have a wealth of memorable vacations available to you, you just have to take the time and think outside the lines!

3. Fix that broken appliance!

A busted oven or a microwave that seems to be better at making noise than warming up your dinner is something that you need to get replaced! Don’t work around it! The appliances in your RV are there to make your life easier, and when one of them isn’t functioning properly, then your entire trip is derailed because you haven’t replaced it. A broken generator, a faulty air conditioner, even the smallest item that needs replacing will make you rethink your weekend venture. Now’s the time to get it fixed and hit the road! Don’t let something that simple stop you from seeing the country!