That’s right, for all of the really fun stuff we do in our RVs, and for all of the wonderful places we go, there are still some things of importance to RVers that have nothing to do with the great outdoors. We’ll almost nothing. Financing an RV. The bottom line is that owning an RV is an expense and a fairly large commitment. Before you can even get to all the really fun talk about black water tanks, campground etiquette and tow vehicles, you have to get an RV first! Now this is the “fun” stuff. How do you finance your first RV?

Instead of giving you a step by step instruction, I’ll just give you the short answer. If you live in Texas and are looking for RV financing, make sure you call Terry Woodard at Associated Credit Unions of Texas (ACUTX).  The bottom line is that they offer great rates and terms for PPL customers and Terry makes the entire RV finance process really enjoyable.  The finance rates and terms vary depending on the customer, but these are the “old school” bankers who look at the customer as a relationship, not a credit score.  We love everything that they have done for our customers and our customers love Nicole. Don’t wait, give them a call and tell her RVNana Sent you.

Terry Woodard | ACU of Texas | Loan Consultant/Certified Trainer | 409.942.1534 |

4 thoughts on “Looking for an RV? Get your RV financing facts straight.”
  1. Hi,
    We have been very impressed by PPL’s website and helpful info.
    We will definitely visit the New Braunsfel location.
    Having visited other dealers we are way more comfortable with PPL.
    The RV forums spoke well also of PPL.
    There will always be complaints about any business but I noticed PPL strived to resolve issues in a responsible professional way.
    So the next steps will be easy for us to take.

  2. We are considering a $50000 RV purchase from PPL. We live in NC but will be in Oregon within 2 weeks. We do not want our credit pulled until fairly certain that we qualify. My score is over 670 and my wife’s is over 800. I have re established positive credit after having filed for a Chapter 13 (paid off early 2 years ago) due to a job loss, that included a rental property that forclosed a year ago. I receive $2000 a month in social security, and income on average of $400 to $500 for a part time job. My wife receives $800 a month from social security. I also own a rental property with positive cash flow, paying for the mortgage. I have one car payment of $250 a month, current and never late. No other major obligations. We are interested in obtaining a reasonable 2nd home finance for the Class A. . Please let me know our options. Thank you.

    1. I apologize for seeing this a little late, your comment was mixed with a large volume of spam comments. I’m looking into this now and will have one of my people contact you ASAP.

  3. Hi my wife and I are looking to buy our first class A motorhome used from ppl not sure where we stand and what we could afford to buy. We have a credit rating of 730, both retired on a annual income of 84,000. Any help in getting in the right direction would be a blessing,thanks.

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