Most RV owners have been advised to roll up their drinking water hose when they disconnect at the campsite and make sure to store the hose with the ends connected. I always thought of that as my easy way to stop spiders and other critters from crawling into the hose and homesteading. I recently heard about a great little tip to help reduce any mildew buildup in your hose.  As we all know, where there is moisture, there could be mildew.  Before you hook up your hose at the next campsite, squirt a few tablespoons of Clorox in the hose. This will help sanitize the hose and your drinking water. My first concern when I heard this was the fear of carrying a squirt bottle of Clorox with me in our RV.  I could see it now…I save a $20 hose and discolor the carpet in the RV when I spill a bottle of Clorox.  Then I came up with an easy solution. I simply used my old dish-washing soap bottle (the one with a flip top) and labeled it CLOROX. No leaks and it works great!  Of course, I’m a little paranoid and accident prone so I put the bottle inside a ziploc freezer bag.  It works great and I keep it in the compartment with the hose and connections.  Give this one a try.


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