It’s Never Been Easier To Go Green

Going green in your RV has, for many years, been a pipe dream. Expensive hardware and solar panels made it a tough pill to swallow, just to be less dependent on that electrical hook-up. Many boondocking vacations have been cut short due to running out of electricity, but now, you can convert your RV to solar and replace your old incandescent lights to LED lights for pennies on the dollar compared to just a few years ago.

Converting your RV to solar energy frees up your RV so you can travel anywhere, as long as the sun shines. That mean you can take a trip out to the desert and enjoy your ATV on the sand dunes and not have to worry about getting back to an electrical hook-up for a recharge. If you place a few solar panels on the roof of your RV, you could harness enough power to never have to plug in! I don’t know about you, but that sounds great to me! There are so many other places in the United States to visit that aren’t RV-friendly, so that just means you have to boondock it and I wouldn’t dream of spending a week away from an electric hook-up without solar energy backing me up.

Converting your old incandescent light bulbs in your RV to LED bulbs is a big help when you’re trying to reduce the electrical draw that your RV has. There are LED lights for just about every possible use, from book lights to overhead lights, that don’t require any type of conversion or new installation. Just remove your old bulbs and put in the new ones!

If you’re serious about going green in your RV when you’re out on vacation, installing solar panels and converting your old incandescent bulbs is a great start. Best of all, it’s cheaper than it’s ever been!

Have you installed solar panels or LED lights in your RV? How do you like them?