Bill Dickinson/Flickr Creative Commons

FIREWORKS! HOT DOGS! BBQ! PARADES! Ah, remember those sunny afternoons and dusky evenings when you were a kid impatiently waiting for the fireworks to start? It’s so nice to relive some of those memories with the grandkids. They’re hopping up and down, purely sugar powered by this point in the day, and the conversation usually goes something like this:

“Nana! When are the fireworks going to start?”

“When it’s dark enough honey.”

“Is it dark enough now Nana?”

“Ummmmm, it’s 7:30. We probably have another hour and a half before it gets dark, why don’t you go play?” I say looking at my watch.

Good news is, I have a lot of practice because that question will be asked at least every 5-10 minutes until the first fireworks explode! I love the 4th of July holiday. Families and/or friends get together for outside activities, the lawn chairs get dusted off, and it’s a perfect reason to buy stock in Mosquito Repellent Companies! (Betcha didn’t think you’d be getting a hot stock tip from RV Nana did you?)

Also, it’s not often you hear a Grumpy Gus on 4th of July. There’s just too much festive in the air, and absolutely no argument over what this day is about. This day is about celebrating the very first proclamation in mankind’s history that we were all born free and each of us come with unalienable rights that cannot be infringed upon by other people and certainly not by our, or anyone else’s, government. Hundreds of thousands of fellow Americans have died to preserve that right  for us here at home, as well as in the hope of providing those same freedoms to people overseas. I am almost as proud to be an American as I am a Texan, HA! And even though we are a young nation and we have made some mistakes along the way, we are pretty good at self-correction and getting the kinks worked out.

Come celebrate the red, white, and blue with us here at PPL by paying us a visit over at the website and HAPPY FOURTH!