I love RVs! That’s not really a surprise now, is it? I also love all the cutesy “stuff” that goes along with the RV lifestyle. Again, not really a surprise. A few years ago, I took an old washtub and made it into a Fairy Garden. More specifically, I made it into a Fairy RV campground. Many of you have seen it on my blog and have sent me pictures of your own creations, well we did it again this weekend.

My granddaughter and I visited my favorite nursery, Enchanted Forest in Richmond Texas and they have the biggest selection of fairy garden supplies I’ve seen. I always leave there inspired and excited to go home and play in the yard. Well, girls, the fairy gardens are like a dollhouse for adults and they are not just for girls. I have a friend in Plano who he and his wife have created fairy villages in their yard. Amazing. From the plants to the accessories, we have fun. Now, I can say I have a new fairy garden made out of a double washtub and it is ready for RVing with an airstream and a large tent. Those tent fairies have to start somewhere.


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