Exercise Your Patriotic Right To Vote

Regardless of your political stance, or who you think is right or wrong, no one will ever know if you don’t exercise your patriotic right to vote. Living in one of the greatest nations on Earth solidifies your right to choose who should lead our great country. Why would you let your voice go unheard by not voting? If you really thought, and I mean really thought about the history of voting, you might be more inclined to take advantage of this inalienable right. It wasn’t just our forefathers who fought to secure the right to choose, but also African Americans and women as well. The system hasn’t always been perfect, but it is you who can make it better – simply by voting.


Again, this isn’t a political rant, or a “who you should vote for and why” post, it’s simply a reminder to vote tomorrow. Vote for the candidate who you think will better serve America. Vote for the candidate who you think will lead our nation with both pride and humility. Vote for the candidate that will protect our interests both domestically and abroad. The only right you DON’T have is the right to complain about who is leading our nation if you didn’t even take the time to make your voice heard.

We live in an amazing country that has an amazing future and that’s because we choose our leaders. They aren’t forced upon us as in other countries. Here’s some food for thought: Don’t just remember the people who have died to secure this right for you, but consider those who are still dying today just to have the chance to better their lives and countries by simply wanting to have a voice in their future. Don’t squander your right to vote, use it. It’s the most powerful weapon you could ever possess.

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