Cut Out the Clutter in Your RV

All of us at PPL Motorhomes know that nothing makes an RV look smaller than a lot of clutter. You know, when you start accumulating “stuff”. Whether you need it or not, the more things you put in your RV the smaller it is going to feel. Interior space is already at a premium, so anything you can do to reduce the clutter will make your trip that much more enjoyable.

For example, one simple rule to live by is “One In, One Out”. If you bring an item into your RV that you expect will stick around for a while, then just scan around and pick out something that you no longer use. I’m sure you can think of a few things already.

Along the same lines, you should be cleaning out your RV regularly. If you’re a part time RVer, summer and winter are optimum times. If you are a full-timer, then you should be cleaning it out 4 times a year. Eradicate anything which may be a duplicate and donate items that you simply haven’t use during the past 3 months.

Here are a few tips from a professional organizer that will certainly help reduce clutter:

Reclaiming some space from your over-stuffed RV is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have. You’ll be shocked at how much room you’ll be able to get back. I hope this video gave you just a few ideas on how you can save a little space in your RV. If you have any tips, or hints that PPL Motorhomes & RV Nana can share with the rest of our readers, don’t hesitate to share it below in the comments section. Also, remember, if you are looking for a new RV, or looking to put your RV on consignment, give PPL Motorhomes a call.

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