Conserving Electricity In Your RV


Serendigity/Flickr Creative Commons


We’re all making a push to use less energy. In an RV it can be tough because so much of the creature comforts of home are rooted in being hooked up to the electrical power supply. Not only can we make a difference in electrical consumption, we can also extend the life of our batteries by using less and not letting power go to waste. Here are a few tips I’ve pulled together that we do when we take our RV out for a trip.

Turn off your lights, radios, and televisions when you aren’t using them. This can save a ton of energy and and if you’re running off of your battery, it will eliminate battery drain.

Unplug your phone or computer chargers when not being used. Even if your computer or smartphone isn’t hooked up to it, it’s still pulling current from the wall outlet. Unplugging them from the wall will assure that you aren’t unnecessarily sending electricity to nothing. It’s also a good idea to unplug your chargers if the electronics are fully charged, this will extend the life of the battery in your computer or smartphone while also eliminating draining your RV power supply by charging  battery that is fully charged.

Maximize your daylight hours. If you go to bed late and get up late, you’re wasting precious daylight and using powered lights to stay up.

Use rechargeable batteries for flashlights, reading lights and lanterns.

Monitor your RV batteries using a digital voltmeter and always recharge it at or before reaching 80 percent discharge. This will prolong the life of your battery.

Don’t use your appliances unless you really need to. Those appliances are an energy hog and the longer you run them, the quicker your battery is gone.

Invest in solar panels. They reduce our dependence on always being attached to an electrical outlet. Plus, we can boon-dock whenever we want to! If you’ve got a roof on your RV, you can put a solar panel on it and have it continuously charge your batteries.

What energy-saving tips have you learned out on the road?