Buying A Consignment RV Is A Wise Choice

It’s inevitable. There will come a day when either you’ve physically, or mentally outgrown your RV. Even though you may have been through think and thin together and shared good times and bad, the day will come that you are going to want to get a new RV. Or, maybe this is your very first RV and you know next to nothing about the RV lifestyle other than what you may have read about, or learn from family or friends.

I guess a good question to ask yourself is do you actually have to buy “new”? Absolutely not! In fact, when you purchase an RV on consignment, you can, quite literally, get more RV for your money. Buying a pre-owned RV really makes quite a bit of sense. We see growing families (and couples) trading in their first RVs, which are generally pop-ups and small travel trailers, for Class Cs and in many cases larger Class A motorhomes. We see first time RVers thinking about their RVing future and opting to buy larger rigs knowing that they will have them for a long period of time.

One of the true benefits about hopping consignment RVs is that it has put once previously out of reach RVs into the budgets of both new RVers and seasoned vets as well. Further, an RV that has been put on consignment, like the ones at PPL Motorhomes, are in pristine shape both inside and out. We only stock the finest RV on our lot for consignment. That’s simply because your RVing lifestyle, whether you are new to it or not, it extraordinarily important to us. We are all RVers ourselves, so we understand the concerns for RVers of all levels.

The bottom line is that if you are considering your first RV, or your fifth RV, I really recommend that you check out your consignment options first. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the options available to you and how you can, quite literally, get more RV for less money.

If you have any questions about how to consign your RV, or how to purchase a consignment RV, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d be happy to explain the further benefits of owning a consignment RV.