Boost Your Brain Power and RV, Part 1



“Road Meditation” by
Nickolai Kashirin/Flickr Creative Commons

If there’s one thing that we are all universally bound by, it’s time.  With time comes aging, with aging comes some dulling of the senses and, of course, memory. Seeing as even I, RV Nana, can always benefit from a few good tips on ways of keeping my brain at its sharpest and healthiest, I did a little research and collected a few tips on how to boost your brain power. All of these you can do while RVing, and so of course they’re fun!

  • Learn A New Language: Hey, you’re spending hours on the road, why not take some of that time to try learning French, Spanish, or Japanese! Learning a second language can help you process information better and sharpen focus. Apps and DVDs are readily available and in great abundance.
  • Write In Red Ink: A study I remember reading out of a German University stated that the color red “binds” into our memory more than other colors. Whether that’s true or not, it can’ hurt to try, can it? Try doing it with your next “To-Do” list.
  • Play Ping-Pong: I’m serious! The hand-eye coordination that it takes to play a leisurely game of ping-pong is significant enough to activate neurons in the brain that are associated with attention and concentration.
  • Close Your Eyes: Just can’t remember that ___?  Try closing your eyes. That’s right, close your eyes when trying to remember something. When you remove visual distractions, you can focus with more efficiency. Next time you are struggling to remember something, try closing those peepers.
  • Use Your Left Hand: Or, your right if you are left handed. The idea is, that by using your non-dominant hand to do simple tasks through out the day, you challenge your brain to think in a new way and command muscles differently. Try brushing your teeth tonight with your off hand.
  • Lower You Blood Sugar: That’s just a good idea altogether to avoid diabetes. One of the many problems with diabetes is that it puts sufferers at greater risk of dementia. You don’t need the sweet tea ALL of the time.
  • Meditate a little: Taking a moment for yourself everyday is of paramount for greater mental health. Sitting, or laying quietly and relaxing can help your brain release cortisol which can, over time, help with stress. Of course, if you’re RVing, what do your really have to stress about?

This is just one of a multi-part article I’m going to do on boosting brain health and power. I think I’ll cover a few more brain exercises that we can do while we’re out on the road, or resting at a camp site. There’s never a bad time to sharpen that old noggin’. Check back Wednesday for the next installment.

-RV Nana