Antiquing in Texas

Photo Courtesy of Indiepreneur.org

They just don’t make things like they used to. I have a mix of new furniture and old furniture in my house and you can easily tell what’s new and what’s not. The older chairs are solid, and ornate with designs engrained in the wood, while the new chairs are bland and fall apart easily. There’s a certain draw to older furniture and items that remind you of days past. One of my favorite activities is finding a little known antique store and walking through a warehouse full of solid wood furniture, metal Coca-Cola signs and furnishings from a previous era. Since I love RVing too, we just combine the 2 and head out to some of the best antiquing spots in Texas.


The Hill Country is one of my favorite areas in all of Texas. Not only for it’s antique stores, but for it’s beautiful setting. Lush hills and greenery everywhere you turn. It reminds me of a scene right out of The Sound Of Music. Fredericksburg is well known all over Texas as a haven for antique shoppers. There are an endless number of stores and shops to sift through to find that one perfect addition to your house.


About 45 minutes south of Dallas is another well-known antiquing area. Waxahachie is home to Old Town Village Antiques and Uniques, a 3 story shop that you’d have to visit multiple times to get the full effect of its grandeur. But rest assured, there are tons more shops and stores to visit. Downtown Waxahachie is a sight to behold in itself. The town square is one of the best areas for night-time sights.


Nestled in the Piney Woods of East Texas, Jefferson is the home of more bed and breakfasts than you could shake a stick at. The surrounding area is packed with trees and there’s a handful of wineries within a short drive. Plus, there are quite a few antique malls within walking distance of downtown. Last time I was visiting Jefferson, I made it a point to visit a few shops and the next thing I knew, it was night time and I had missed lunch.

What are some of your favorite antiquing spots in Texas?